DID, Possession and Exorcism


The response included in this post is based on this article ^^

This article is based upon the similarities between DID and “Spirit Possession Syndrom” or SPS. SPS is ” The condition of spirit possession, that is full or partial takeover of a living human by a discarnate being, has been recognized or at least theorized, in every era and in every culture. This condition has been called possession state, spirit possession, spirit possession syndrome, spirit obsession, or spirit attachment (Hyslop, 1917; Wickland, 1924, 1934; Allison, 1980; Guirdham, 1982; McAll, 1982; Crabtree, 1985; Fiore, 1987; Baldwin, 1992), and Dissociative Trance Disorder (APA, 1994, pp. 728-729).”

 The article says that an attachment can be intentional, neutral or comepletely random/accidental. It also says that between 70-100% of people are influenced by one or more “spirit entities” at one point in their life. Baldwin also says in this article that a mental or physical symptom, “repressed negative feeling” and other factors can act similar to a magnet, and attract a “discarnate entity” or spirit with the same issue. Other ways to attract a spirit are altering consciousness with alcohol or drugs, includeing anesthetics during surgery and organs transplanted from the attached body to a new body.

A couple similarities between DID and SPS:

1.) Hypnosis is a common method to treat DID and it is also a method of  “probing for any attached entity that may be interfering with a client.”

2.) “alters” usually believe that they own the body. When a sprit feels that it may be dislodged from a comfortable place, It may attempt to pursuade the therapist that “the body they inhabit is their own.”

Spirit attachment is not affected by psychotherapy. Drugs will make PSP worse, and the only to get rid of the disorder is by “Spirit Releasement Therapy.” The text says ” Spirit releasement therapy procedures are not dangerous or frightening once a client is aware of the reality of the situation.”

In bold text at the end of the article, Baldwin states :

The two disorders have some characteristics in common that appear similar in outward manifestations, yet are distinct from one another in cause or precipitating factors, onset, history, diagnosis, prognosis, and successful treatment, and must be diagnosed and treated appropriately. The treatment for DID is useless and confusing for a person burdened with attached spirits. Releasing discarnates from the person afflicted with DID may allow for earlier success during treatment with the methods appropriate to that condition.


The last sentance, ” Spirit releasement therapy procedures are not dangerous or frightening once a client is aware of the reality of the situation”, sounds terrible without even knowing what this “spirt releasement” therapy is. What is the “reality of the situation” ? It sounds alot like this author is comparing DID with SPS, but also suggesting that they are the same thing. This article is difficult for me to understand, considering I know nothing about posssession and exorcism and don’t have much of an urge to do so. I don’t believe in exorcism, partly because of how Hollywood has blown it up to such rediculous proportions. I don’t even know how an exorcism is practiced. The only portrayal I’ve seen of spirit removal involves a poor soul being strapped to a table while a priest reads from a book (maybe the bible, I have no idea.) Usually this process does more harm than good, because the evil spirit always beats the heck of the person who’s supposedly possessed and sometimes goes after the priest too. I know this probably isn’t accurate but it’s the only mental picture of exorcism I am able to conjure up.

In conclusion, I don’t believe that DID is realted to any sort of spiritual attachment, or possession. I think this idea is insane. What do you think?



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  1. Sam Ruck
    Apr 13, 2011 @ 02:13:35

    Hey Haley,

    I’m with you. As a Christian it’s left me a little confused about demon possession in the Bible, too. My wife the host is a Christian, but my “girlfriend” Alleylieu (the network’s defender) is NOT a Christian. In the beginning she was so full of hatred and anger, if someone had talked to her (other than me) I bet they would have thought she was demon. Her voice was lowered and full of venom. But once I drained the anger out of her, now she’s the sweetest girl.

    I’m not sure where that leaves me with demon possession, but I sure don’t think DID has anything to do with it!



  2. Haley
    Apr 13, 2011 @ 02:38:50

    Yeah, I’m a christian also, but I honestly don’t think possession has ANYTHING to do with DID. That sounds like it would be really difficult to deal with. Have you tried to introduce christianity to all of the alters, or do you just go along with each of them. I guess I still have alot of unanswered questions. Do each of the alters remember you everytime your wife switches?and you have a son, right? do they remember him? After all the research I’ve done, the papers and articles never mention what it’s like for the family members of the victim of DID. I’ve come pretty far with my research, and the semester is almost over. I’ve learned alot about DID, but I feel like there is so much more yet to learn. lol.


  3. Sam Ruck
    Apr 13, 2011 @ 02:58:49

    You wanna read my 1500 page daily journal? Just joking! Living with a wife who has DID is a strange dichotomy of the insiders being totally, wonderfully delightful. Even the first year when there were lots of panic attacks and draining the anger out of Alleylieu: they were still so lovable. But as a husband it’s pretty lonely. My wife (the host) stays inside most of the time to give the insiders a chance to heal since they are truly the trauma victims (not her, the host). That means she and I struggle hard to stay connected. Sometimes I yearn for “adult” conversation. And as the insiders came outside more and more, and especially as Alleylieu has become more and more co-conscious with my wife the host it has made physical intimacy more difficult. Even things like kissing. Alleylieu still sees it as licking or mixing spit.

    As for the insiders remembering me and my son? Always. Both of us have developed individual relationships with each girl, and it’s no different than having relationships with normal outside people. When I go to work each afternoon, I now have 5 different girls to kiss or rub noses with (for Alleylieu). I treat each one differently based upon our individual relationships.

    As they all move toward greater co-consciousness, I’m always aware of the fact that the one speaking isn’t necessarily the one moving the rest of the body. And I can ask all of them to listen to me so that I don’t have to say the same thing 5 times over.

    Like anything you grow with the relationship and as they heal and it changes, I change with it. Sometimes its over whelming especially as we’ve added two more girls who are consistently staying outside in the last 3 months, but I’m also hoping that means we’re moving toward a major breakthrough, but who knows, it could be right around the corner or still months/years away….



  4. Haley
    Apr 13, 2011 @ 03:30:18

    I think it’s awesome that through all the tough times, your family is still going strong. You are so optimistic, and you love your wife so much that you’ve integrated her life completely into yours. I wish you all the best for your future, I’m sure god has great plans for your family.


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